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Tisno is like a big city on a small scale.

It is an urban centre with lovely stone houses, churches, historical and cultural sites, beaches round every corner, taverns, pizzerias, restaurants and bakeries. It has its own style and way of life supported by cultural institutions and social events throughout the year. Coffee shops are regular places for socialising, each of which has its own unique coffees, waiters, stories and clientele. Everything you need is within reach, and you don’t need to stray too far from town to experience all the charms of the summer atmosphere for which people flock to the Adriatic.


Although relatively small, Island Murter boasts a rich variety of picturesque coves and beaches dotted along its coast.  Island Murter may actually be considered as one long beach, which transforms as you circumnavigate the island from the peaceful, isolated, private, nudist beaches to the more lively, fun-filled beaches resonating to the frantic red-hot pace of summer. Whether you choose to unwind in the peaceful isolated bays or search for a party, one thing is for sure - you have chosen your place in the sun.

  • Jazina – In Jazina bay you can find a campsite of the same name.  You can reach it if you turn right while heading in the direction of Tisno and then follow the road, or by turning right before the bridge to Tisno. For swimmers there is ample parking for cars. The beach faces north with views of the Pirovac channel. The beach is sandy with warm shallow waters, perfect for children, non-swimmers and those who enjoy playing beach games.  In the bay you can also find a shop and bar, for your comfort and convenience.
  • Iza Andrije – This beach was named after the church of St. Andrew, which is nearby. There is a path through the pine forest that you can use to reach this beach. It is especially suitable for guests who prefer to spend a whole day at the beach, basking in the shade of the trees which line the water’s edge.

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